About us

Rough and smooth, strengths and weaknesses, team players and individualists, creative types and analysts, optimists and realists, and people from all over the world – it’s the variety that makes our company so special. We are colleagues, employers and employees and we are always ourselves.

We communicate honestly and expect our colleagues to do the same. Our doors are always open, even when difficult topics need to be addressed. We want to be successful in what we do and we encourage internationality, individuality and positivity.

Our philosophy is based on liberal, open values.

Who is the right fit for us?

We when get to know you, we are certainly interested in what you’ve got to offer on paper, but we’re even more interested in your personality. What motivates you? What are you passionate about? What do you want to achieve? How can we support you in developing your full potential?

We want people who enjoy challenges, who question the status quo; we aren’t looking for sheep, we’re looking for people who are passionate about what they do and who work well together.


To ease you in to work at Création Gross, we create a unique induction programme for you, which is tailored to your position. On day one, you and a team member get to know all the other newbies over lunch and then you’ll get to work getting to know us!

You’ll familiarise yourself with all the relevant departments, colleagues and processes, and may even work in adjacent teams. This allows you to start networking from the outset and gain in-depth insight into the company.


It’s worth working for us

We want our employees not only to be productive, but also to feel comfortable so that they can develop their maximum potential. We offer a number of opportunities for this.

Flexible hours

Flexitime system and the option to work remotely two days a week

Job bike

Pedal power! Avoid the traffic and get to work by bike – e-bike, racing bike or mountain bike; the choice is yours

Staff discount

Get our products at attractive prices

Company pension

Want to boost your pension? We support you with subsidies and tax benefits


Company doctor, health day and vaccinations – we want you to feel your best


Coming to work on public transport? Brilliant! We’ll help you cover the costs with a Jobticket


We offer regular in-house language courses, IT courses and even dance classes. We also invite external speakers to our Open Forum


Support for personal further training and education


We are open to finding solutions for personal sabbatical requests or other leaves of absence


Coffee, organic tea and organic fruit are always available and our local baker brings us some treats every week

30-days holiday

Relax and enjoy your time off

Special holiday dispensation

Wedding? Moving house? New baby? We got you covered with a few extra days’ holiday for special occasions

Anniversary bonus

On your special company anniversaries, we say thank you with an extra payment and a celebration


MS Office programmes for personal use – it’s all simple and above board

Convinced? Then check out our job board here. Maybe there’s the right one for you.

Convinced, but you’re not quite where you want to be in your career yet? Then you can find information about studying and training with us here.

Fabian Waldmann

Head of Purchasing

Get to know us

Fabian Waldmann

Head of Purchasing

„I knew during my apprenticeship that Purchasing was my thing. Before taking over from the former Head of Purchasing when he retired, I took on various project roles within the company; for example, in the returns department and in the retail management department. My favourite aspect about working at Création is the team spirit among all the colleagues. It makes working together so much easier. And going from an apprentice to a manager is nothing unusual here – I’m a great example of that!“

„I love it every time we get new items sent to us by our factories and see that they are exactly as we wanted them and imagined them. You can see that everyone here working on the product is really attentive to detail and has extremely high quality standards. My role here is very independent; however, there is always someone available to support me and I really appreciate that.“

Petra Gast-Dehling

Teamleader Quality Management

Rayah Shehabi

Junior Art Director

“I am originally from Palestine and came to Germany in 2019. The application and hiring process with Creation Gross was really easy and very quick. My team made me feel very welcome right from the start. I am looking forward to my journey with the company.”

„I have been with Création Gross for quite a long time, originally trained as a clothing seamstress. At some point, I transitioned to logistics and had the opportunity to grow into a Team Leader role. We always keep very busy but we have a positive work atmosphere where we support each other and always stick together.“

Tanja Neubauer

Team Leader Logistics Distribution

Günther Loos

Senior Product Manager

„What do I like most about Création Gross? The fact that we are all connected by our passion for the product and we always want to be the best we can. I’ve worked here since my apprenticeship and I get to work with amazing people every day. It’s still great fun!“

„I initially managed our outlet store in Montabaur. When I was given the opportunity to move to the newly renovated outlet at the headquarters, I didn’t need to think twice. What I like most about my job is the way we all work so well together and that decisions can be made very quickly.“

Stephan Aurisch

Store Manager FOC Hersbruck

Fields of work

Meet the Teams


From A for Australia to Z for Zwickau, our Sales Teams are always in close contact with our customers, who range from regional retailers through to large chain stores.

Customer Service

o Customer queries from all over the world are dealt with promptly and skilfully.

Product & Marketing

The Product & Marketing Teams at CARL GROSS and CG – CLUB of GENTS are the creative minds of the company.


Our webshops, the B2B app and the link to the marketplaces are created and implemented here.

Sustainability & Innovation

Sustainability plays a very important role in our company. It’s so important to us that we created a dedicated department for it.


3D avatars, pattern pieces, grading and data preparation for our manufacturing facilities. In this department, we get technical with garments.


From ERP and EDI through to email and cloud-based technologies, the IT department has become the company’s largest.

Human Resources

Our human resources team supports all members of staff from their first day until their last with compassion, understanding and a dash of humour.

Technical Management

From facility and fleet management to fax maintenance – our technical management team takes care of (practically) everything.


Our logistics team ensures that our goods get to their destination as quickly as possible – both at home and abroad.


In the little production unit at the Hersbruck headquarters, we create photo samples, collection samples, prototypes and small batches. Our partner companies abroad take care of mass production.


Our supply chain management team calculates and plans when, where, what and how much is produced.


Procurement of outer fabrics, additional elements and labels, raw goods storage and show rooms – the purchasing department ensures that our company doesn’t unravel at the seams.


Business intelligence, sales reports, balance sheets and travel expense calculations; this is where the numbers are crunched.


This department weaves its magic to manage our seven outlet stores.

Who is who

Our HR Team

Shaping careers, shaping the future – on the road to professional success together with our HR team. We answer your questions about jobs, training, work and career opportunities at Création Gross

Join the team

You can find our current vacancies here

You can find out everything you need to know about completing an apprenticeship and studying with us here

Julia Metz

Head of Human Resources

09151 / 736-226

Linda Utz

Recruiting, Apprentices & Junior Employees

09151 / 736-272

Michaela Holweg

Payroll, Recruiting, Health Management

09151 / 736-155

Alex Neville

Payroll, HR Projects

09151 / 736-134

Working with us

FAQ and
application tips

Your questions, our answers – Simply apply, get off to a successful start.

Yes, we would love that! The best way to do so is to email us at: career@carlgross.de

The best thing to do is to send us an email: jobs@creationgross.com. Please attach your documents as PDF files.

We need a detailed CV and your latest references, if possible. Please ensure that your documents include your full contact details so that we can get in touch with you. We don’t necessarily need a letter of application, but you are welcome to include your expected salary and your desired start date.

Once we have received and checked your documents, we will contact you to arrange a video call. Therefore, you do not need to come to us in person and can take the call from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a computer or a smartphone and a stable internet connection. We will send you the link for the call via email. The second interview will take place in person. After that, we will let you know within 5 working days if you were successful.

All you have to do is be yourself and try not to be too nervous. We just want to get to know you and find out more about you. We won’t be asking any tricky questions to test your knowledge; we are primarily interested in you as a person.

No, there is no dress code at Création Gross.

Yes, you can apply to work for us during the summer holidays. Please contact Linda Utz for more details. You can call her on +49 (0) 9151/736-272 or send an email to l.utz@carlgross.de

a. Yes, we offer various internship opportunities. Please contact Linda Utz for more details. You can call her on +49 (0) 9151/736-272 or send an email to l.utz@carlgross.de

Yes, we frequently offer part-time work placements for students. Please contact Linda Utz for more details. You can call her on +49 (0) 9151/736-272 or send an email to l.utz@carlgross.de

Yes, we frequently offer this opportunity. Please contact Linda Utz for more details.
You can call her on +49 (0) 9151/736-272 or send an email to l.utz@carlgross.de

a. Yes, we frequently offer personalised trainee programmes. Please contact Linda Utz for more details. You can call her on +49 (0) 9151/736-272 or send an email to l.utz@carlgross.de

Only in exceptional cases. Please contact Linda Utz for more details. You can call her on +49 (0) 9151/736-272 or send an email to l.utz@carlgross.de